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US Craft Brands dba Pins and Aces - Wholesale Terms and Conditions

This Wholesale Terms and Conditions Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into by and between US Craft Brands dba Pins and Aces ("Supplier") and the wholesale customer ("Wholesale Customer"). By placing an order or accepting delivery of an order, Wholesale Customer agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined herein.

  1. Business Relationship: 
    1. Supplier is engaged in the business of supplying golf accessories, apparel, and related products, for payment. 
    2. Wholesale Customer is in the business of purchasing these products from Supplier for the purpose of resale to their customers. 
    3. This Agreement establishes the terms and conditions under which Supplier agrees to supply products to Customer, and Customer agrees to purchase and resell such products.
  2. Payment Terms - Net 30: 
    1. Payment for invoices are due in full within 30 days from the date of delivery. 
    2. A 10-day grace period is extended for first-time offenders.
    3. Partial payments are not accepted without written authorization from Supplier. 
    4. All payments shall be made in United States Dollars (USD).
    5. Accepted payment methods include Credit Card, Check, Automated Clearing House (ACH), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), or Bank Wire.
      1. Wholesale Customer must notify Supplier of payment details by email when paying by ACH, EFT, or Bank Wire. 
    6. Wholesale Customer is solely responsible for ensuring timely payment, and must keep in mind mail and delivery times when selecting their payment method. 
    7. Wholesale Customer is responsible for any fees incurred as part of the payment process.
    8. In the event that fees are incurred by the Wholesale Customer due to their fault, including but not limited to bounced check fees, canceled check fees for sending to the wrong address, or any other errors, such fees shall be the sole responsibility of the Wholesale Customer.
  3. Late Payment: 
    1. Orders not fully paid within 30 days of delivery, are subject to a Late Fee equal to 2% of the total order value outstanding, per month, until the order is fully paid.
    2. Orders not fully paid within 90 days may be turned over to collections.
    3. Wholesale Customer agrees to pay the full value of outstanding invoices plus all collections fees, late fees, legal fees, and any damages associated with overdue payments. 
  4. Selling Approval and Online Advertising:
    1. Wholesale Customer must seek written approval before selling Pins and Aces products to the general public online, or via eCommerce platforms.
    2. Wholesale Customer may engage in general advertising for their business, or broad product category advertising, but may not compete with Supplier via online advertising on Pins and Aces branded terms, Pins and Aces branded product names/terms, or known aliases. 
      1. Branded Terms and Alias Examples: Pins and Aces, Pins, US Craft Brands, etc
      2. Branded Product Names/Terms Examples: LiquorStick, LiquorStick, Cabo Colada Polo, Player Preferred Waffle Knit Pullover, The Gilmore Cracker Ball Marker, etc
  5. Return Policy:
    1. Standard Products:
      1. Any products received with damage or missing from their order, must have their return initiated within 7 days of delivery. 
      2. Otherwise, returns must be initiated within 14 days of delivery.
      3. Products must be received back by Supplier within 30 days of delivery. 
    2. Limited Editions/Holiday Collections:
      1. Returns must be initiated within 7 days of order delivery.
      2. Products must be received back within 21 days of order delivery or before the date of the Holiday has passed, whichever comes first.
    3. Customized or Fully Custom: 
      1. Please see below. 
  6. Cancellation and Returns on Customized Orders:
    1. Cancellations for Embroidery, Laser-Etched, or Partially Customized Projects must be received 30 days or more prior to the requested ship date.
    2. Any cancellation after that will render the account responsible for purchasing any items from the order that have already been customized, as well as any expenses incurred as part of the customization process. 
  7. Cancellation and Returns on Fully Custom Orders:
    1. There are no returns or refunds allowed for fully custom orders.
    2. No cancellations or refunds are permitted once a fully customer order has been paid for. 
  8. Refunds
    1. Refunds approved by Supplier will be less any fees incurred. For credit card payments, this fee is approximately 3.5% + $0.35 of the total amount charged to the card (as of March 2024).
  9. Shipping and Delivery:
    1. Shipping and delivery costs will be the responsibility of the Wholesale Customer. 
    1. Product Pricing:
      1. Products must be priced at MSRP from the most recent Pins and Aces Wholesale Price Sheet. These may be requested via email at
    2. Force Majeure:
      1. Neither party will be liable for failure to perform its obligations under the agreement due to events beyond their control, such as extreme weather, natural disasters, government actions, or war.
    3. Dispute Resolution:
      1. The process for resolving disputes is first arbitration, and if that fails, litigation.
    4. Indemnification:
      1. Wholesale Customer indemnifies Pins and Aces from legal disputes, particularly those arising from the Wholesale Customer's actions.
    5. Product Display and Merchandising:
      1. Only Pins and Aces products may be displayed on Pins and Aces displays, unless written permission is received from Supplier. 
    6. Agreement Acceptance:
      1. By either signing below, or by placing an order, or by accepting delivery of an order, Wholesale Customer acknowledges and agrees to abide by these terms and conditions.
    7. Governing Law:
      1. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Colorado.
    8. Modification of Terms:
      1. Company reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Wholesale Customer will be notified of any changes via the email of Buyer and Accounting Contact on file, and continued business dealings, including but not limited to placing an order, or accepting delivery of an order, will constitute acceptance of the modified terms.
    9. Severability:
      1. If any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will continue to be valid and enforceable.
    10. Entire Agreement:
      1. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, whether oral or written.

    Version 1.2 - Last Updated 03.08.2024